Engagement in Prevention and Care

Engagement in Prevention and Care


Click on the titles below to view individual videos.  You can also visit our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/CaliforniaPTC/ to view these videos on engagement and care along with other topics. 

Innovative Strategies for Engagement

How I Got Over: The Journey to Cultural Competence

HIV care providers discuss their personal journey in becoming culturally competent with their patients and clients.  In this segment they provide recommendations for building effective relationships in order to improve engagement in care.

At the Crossroads: Current Challenges for MSM of Color

At the Crossroads is a series that examines current challenges in responding to the HIV epidemic.  In this first episode, Duran Rutledge speaks with two Bay Area HIV medical practitioners,  Anthony Jones, M.D. and  Damon Francis, M.D., on social determinants affecting  HIV-positive MSM of color.

Expert Provider Presentations

The Missing Link: HIV and Sexual Health Conversation

Six fundamental sexual health principles guide clients toward a greater understanding of their current relationship with HIV.  Linking sexual health principles within HIV services is a collaborative sexual health conversation that defines and supports each person's personal vision of sexual health.
Presenter: Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP, CST, Co-Founder of The Harvey Institute Inc. Improving health care through promotion and integration of sexual health.

Healing from Trauma: The Missing Ingredient in the Care of HIV-positive Women

Despite being engaged in care, many HIV positive women still struggle with stigma, non-disclosure, isolation, depression, addiction and other barriers to health and well-being. Recognizing and addressing the high rates of trauma in this population holds the promise to reframe care and to help HIV-positive women realize their inherent health and power.
Presenter: Edward Machtinger, M.D.

HIV and Incarceration: Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities

HIV-positive individuals experience elevated rates of incarceration and elevated rates of HIV are found in incarcerated populations.  Dr. Harawa shares information from research by her and others on the unique challenges experienced by incarcerated and post-incarcerated HIV-positive people, in order to assist providers in addressing these challenges.
Presenter: Nina T. Harawa, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor, Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science

Living with HIV Series

HIV positive people talk about how they have successfully managed some of the challenges of living with HIV.

Living with HIV: Engagement in Care

Personal Reflections: Responding to Stigma

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