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The mission of the CAPTC is to strengthen the capacity of health professionals and organizations to improve the sexual and reproductive well-being of individuals. We achieve this by developing, implementing and evaluating innovative Training and TA that facilitate collaboration between researchers, practitioners and funders to improve provider practice.



We envision an empowered, enabled and adaptive system of prevention and care that reduces the incidence, burden and consequences of HIV, STDs and related epidemics in all communities. This system acknowledges the connection between HIV, STDs and larger social issues and the consequent need for an integrated response.

As part of this system, our organizational structure is designed to enable free and open communication among and between all components of the Center. We recognize people as whole beings who possess a multitude of skills and needs, with contributions to make, and desires for a fully creative and nurturing life. By working together we deliver quality products and services that adapt proactively to current trends.



The values described here are fundamentally important in informing our work with our training and technical assistance providers, collaborators and colleagues here at the CAPTC.

Adaptability and Flexibility

We value a work environment that is respectful of flexibility around decision making, management styles and program structures.


We see diversity as a complex concern that takes into account various educational backgrounds, identity characteristics and life experiences that can inform our work.

We believe that valuing diversity is a critical aspect of our successful provision of services and in the maintenance of an inclusive work environment.

Evidence Based

We define evidence in a broad sense that can be informed by research, evaluation, and community and professional experiences.

We value using evidence as a basis for designing and conducting our work.

Expertise of Communities and Colleagues

We recognize and utilize the experience and expertise of community members in describing and meeting the challenges around STD/HIV and other health risks.

We value the importance of using outside partners for collaboration and recognize this as a factor in our success as an agency.


We value keeping abreast of current research and trends to inform our practice.

We strive to find creative and new methods for providing our services.


We believe in seeking feedback from a variety of sources to improve the quality of our work.

We value the use of self-reflection as a way to learn from our experiences and inform future work.

Social Justice

We believe that everyone has a right to equal access to quality health care.

We value sexual health as a human right

We advocate for in our role by providing a voice for various communities in order to reflect their concerns and highlight their strengths.

We value the provision of accurate, appropriate education and services to support people in making informed decisions around their healthcare specifically as it relates to STD/HIV concerns.

We recognize that there may be multiple psychosocial factors that impact behavior and access to services and strive to design our work to respect this complexity in order to support equity.

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