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Clinical Training Videos Now Available On CA PTC Site

In keeping with our commitment to innovation the CA PTC is producing videos to address current topics as well as other important subjects. We currently have several products for our clinical audience which will also be useful for a broad range of staff working in STD/HIV programs. Please click here for our current offerings and check back frequently as others are coming soon.


Check out our HIV at the Crossroads video series and the many other video products we have to offer.

The California Prevention Training Center (CAPTC), continues to be committed to providing state-of-the-art e-Learning opportunities and resources. See our Videos section. Many videos are also available on the CAPTC’s public YouTube channel Click here to check them out.

Visit our Virtual Village to Fight HIV/AIDS in the Black Community 

Join our CBA team as they facilitate a month long learning and networking event via facebook. You can participate by posting to the event page and engaging with other posters or by liking, sharing and inviting your FB community. As a village, we have the networks, resources, and ingenuity to address HIV transmission, treatment, and care for our brothers and sisters.



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