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Building Capacity to Address the Social Determinants of Health in HIV Prevention and Care: Lessons Learned from Real-World Implementation in Healthcare Organizations

1.5 hours
Credit Hours

This webinar provides an introduction to the new Social Determinants of Health (SDH) Resource Guide “Addressing Social Determinants of Health in HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care: Lessons Learned from Real-World Implementation” for healthcare organizations.  During the webinar, we will outline the SDH Resource Guide and provide examples of how to use this guide in a training environment.  Case studies from the guide will be used to discuss what real-world implementation of SDH looks like in healthcare organizations and how we can build the capacity of providers to comprehensively and systemically address social determinants of health in the field of HIV prevention and care.  

February 7, 2019-2:00 PM EST/ 11:00 AM PST

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By the end of the webinar participants will:

  • Outline a framework for approaching SDH.
  • Describe how to effectively use the SDH Guide in training and technical assistance (TA) activities.
  • Analyze case studies using a shared template.
  • Identify potential challenges in TA and training around SDH.
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