Social Determinants of Health and HIV

An understanding of social determinants is essential to the implementation of effective HIV treatment or prevention interventions.  This engaging and informative one-hour online course, based on our popular two-day instructor-led training, provides an introduction to social determinants and HIV.  It includes an overview of social determinants, their relevance to health disparities, and their particular importance in understanding HIV in the US today.  The course makes effective use of videos and scenarios to illustrate key concepts.  By the end of the course learners will be able to describe social determinants and their impacts on HIV Risk, prevalence, and access to services, define a social determinants of health perspective, and identify places to intervene.

Registration fee:  $10.00

Upon successful completion of the course, viewers can receive 1 credit hour at no charge for CCAPP, or a general Certificate of Completion.

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