COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy

A Public Health Response to the COVID -19 Pandemic

PLEASE Note: All Contact Tracing and Case Investigation training is now managed via UCLA Extension HERE.





The materials below are for the training that was conducted May 8-13. 

This virtual course will be conducted over the period of 4 days for 3-4 hours per day. The course will also include pre-learning consisting of online self-study and review of written materials.


Introduction to PH, Epidemiology, and COVID-19 

Overview of Contact Tracing

Comprehensive Containment Strategies

How to Conduct a Contact Tracing Interview

Interviewing Skills and Building Rapport

Health Coaching

Addressing Common Challenging Situations

This schedule and the Zoom login information can also be found in My Training in the Details section of the course dated May 8.

Monday's Training Materials:

Tuesday's Training Materials:

PRE-LEARNIG VIDEOS Click on the link and follow the instructions. You will not have to fill out the form again, it will populate with what you entered previously. Please complete the four Video Courses listed below:

Ask Tell Ask Video

Setting the Agenda Video

Closing the Loop Video

 Action Planning Video

PLEASE NOTE: CDPH staff may not receive attachments. Please remember your password and visit the My Training link on the left to see what you are registered for. 


The goal of the Pandemic Training Academy is to rapidly and effectively train staff to support public health systems throughout California as they mobilize to address COVID-19. This program capitalizes on UCSF’s experience in rapidly mobilizing resources to develop a robust epidemiological surveillance and outbreak response effort.

We have created this training program to:

  • introduce learners to the basic principles of public health and epidemiology as they relate to COVID-19
  • conduct case investigation and contact tracing activities in their jurisdictions
  • understand the essential components of isolation and quarantine
  • conduct all activities in alignment with the principles of good public health practice, which include respect for persons, cultural sensitivity, autonomy and confidentiality.

If you have questions about registering or need assistance please contact for guidance. 

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