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About Us 

In an effort to increase primary prevention to prevent STD transmission and unintended pregnancies, the California Family Health Council (CFHC) Infertility Prevention Project and the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center (CA PTC), have teamed up to create a web-based Youth Social Marketing Toolkit (YSMT). The toolkit provides an overview of how agencies with limited financial resources can develop a social marketing campaign that reaches out to youth and young adults.

The California Family Health Council (CFHC) coordinates and supports the delivery of health services in community-based organizations throughout California. The organization directs funding for providers of family health services, performs advanced research in reproductive health care and contraception, conducts education, training and community outreach efforts, and tests, implements and monitors effective programs. CFHC currently works with more than 75 agencies to provide medical and non-medical health care services to over 1 million clients each year. CFHC also acts as a catalyst for expanding health care services by building the capacity of community organizations and providing an informed public voice in support of family planning, preconception care, reproductive health and high quality women's health care services. For more information, visit http://www.cfhc.org/.

The California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center (CA PTC) is an integral part of a national network of training centers funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that offers dynamic continuing education training.  Clinical, behavioral interventions, partner services and program support courses are designed to enhance the STD/HIV knowledge and skillsof medical, health, education and community professionals.  The CA PTC also supports prevention efforts by developiong provider resources and curricula, which are available as free downloads through our website. For more information, visit www.stdhivtraining.org.


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