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Do It!

highdiveCongratulations! You’ve defined the problem, identified the priority population, developed appropriate messaging and now it is time to get it done! An effective social marketing campaign is not just about strategy and implementation, but also about evaluating the effect of your campaign. Below are some guidelines to getting it done and ensuring that you are doing it well.

Strategy and Implemenation: This is where your plan comes together. It is very important to draw upon the results of your formative research (who? what? why?) and take a realistic look at your budget and assess community support. The strategy and implementation section offers tips to help assure that implementation of your plan goes smoothly. You can also see how Sally’s social marketing campaign is coming together. Remember that nothing is written in stone and having flexibility during implementation is essential!  

Evaluation: Evaluation is one of the most important components of a social marketing campaign. This process allows you to assess if the plan is being implemented as intended, if objectives are being met, and if your message is reaching the target populations. The evaluation section guides you through creating a comprehensive  evaluation plan that incorporates different types of data and introduces some free and low-cost evaluation tools. Remember to incorporate evaluation in the beginning of campaign planning. Do not consider evaluation as an afterthought.


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