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Creating the Message

messageAt this point, you've looked at data and background, assessed the community, and created goals and objectives for your campaign.

There are a number of different ways to transform the information you have collected into a campaign message or a slogan.

You can use the SHOWED model and work with youth so that they can develop the message. This is a population driven process.


You can have more adult involvement and staff can create some suggestions and bring those ideas to the youth for feedback. For information on conducting a focus group, click here.


Marketers use the term “iteration” to refer to different versions of a product. As you’re moving your message from research into a campaign you may go through an iteration process to focus in on the end product. As long as you are at the draft stage, it’s ok to go back, make changes, modify and tweak. However, once you start getting approvals and printing materials, changes become more and more cumbersome. Get the input early and often to avoid changes down the road.

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